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Keep up to date with today’s ever changing, fast-paced society and arrange for our web design team to enable you to be different from the rest.

For those who don’t know how website works these are some useful information for you:

When building a website there is three things you need to get

    1. Domain name: The domain name is the name or the address you have to own so when some body write it on the web it targets him to your site like www.google.com this is a domain name.
    2. Hosting package: The hosting package is the place you buy to put your site in its like a hard disk or a flash memory that you put all your information or pages on, and you can buy it in different sizes according to your need. Comes with the hosting package the emails @ your domain name usually you get 5.
    3. Website: The website a main page including links to other pages written with special code that can be raid by all internet browser like internet explorer and Firefox. .etc

Building your site

Before building your site you will need to do the following:

  1. Surfing the internet finding sites that would be close to what you need.
  2. Collecting data for your site.
  3. Collecting images for your site.
  4. Building the structure to your site (sample structure).

After this you contact our webmaster to set up a meeting to provide him with your data and discuss what u need.

Prices will depend on your need of the website; these are some questions you need to answer before we can calculate your price:

  • How many pages you think you need? (5-6) (20-50)…etc
  • Do you need simple pages (text and photos) or flashy site?
  • Do you need your site to be static (updated once or twice a year) or dynamic (to have user name and password to update pages in site) we call it CMS.

After you answer these questions we can calculate your price usually between 1500LE to 7500LE depending on your requests.

Search Engine Optimization

After deciding what you need exactly we will talk with you about SEO which is very important to your site because what good is a nice design site with good data on it if nobody is visiting it. We know exactly what to do to put you in the first pages on Google search and others and   monitor your site and visitors. Live Chat on your site is also doable.

For more information please contact us. webmaster