Offset Printing


Flyers Fliers or Leaflets are single page advertising for your business minimum number is 3000 to get a decent price per piece between (0.15 – 0.55) depending on quality (weight, coat, colors and size).

Business Cards

we print Business Cards 3 times a month we print it in 300 gm with cellophane Mate on both sides, best quality u can get cards.


Brochures are the large format of the flyers contain more data and photos and detailed service usually we do it in a high quality papers and coats.

Letter Head

Any company needs a Letter Head to give your company the image you are looking for you may print in on your office with normal printer but you are not saving any money by that inkjet printing cost much more money than offset printing.


Folders can be used for many thing, contain you work offers and b-cards flyers or personal use for collecting you work papers we print it in good heavy quality paper with plastic coat and and pockets.

Plastic Stickers

Plastic stickers is one of the services that we exclusively provide in Sharm El Sheikh every body prints even paper sticker or Vinyl sticker; paper sticker don’t resist water and sun and vinyl sticker u get it by meter square. we provide plastic stickers that resist water sun that can be even on the dive tanks we even have special knife format that makes it fit under the gadge exactly.

CD productions

Specially for videographers we have packages with DVD carton cover and DVD labels stickers plus cup mat and closing cover sticker all printed with the company logo.


Restaurant’s or cafe’s menu is one of the most important item on the business and should be well presented, they say that people eat first with their eyes before mouth 🙂

Advertising Agency and Graphic Design